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Central Heating and Cooling Systems

  • Deployment and design of central systems,​

  • Central heating and cooling sub-stations and the layout and drawings of the center (Steam, superheated water and cooling stations).

  • High and low pressure steam systems,

  • Low temperature water systems .​

Planning and Design

  • Preliminary studies of mechanical systems, feasibility and selection of the most suitable systems by suggestion,​

  • Heating and cooling calculations,

  • Making drawings,

  • Selecting and defining devices,

  • Arrangement and detailing of technical volumes,

  • Detailing the mechanical installation points with their characteristics and density,

  • Preparation of tender documents.

Air-conditioning and ventilation systems

  • Heat loss and gain calculations,

  • System and equipment selection,

  • Calculation and drawing of air ducts,

  • Calculation of pipes and drawing distribution,

  • Selecting and drawing the cooling machine, heating source and energizing sources,

  • Building automation, control scheme and systems are determined and appropriate for the scenario.

preparation of drawings,

  • Taking necessary precautions by making earthquake vibration and sound calculations and

making drawings,

  • Preparation of fire and smoke fighting projects and scenarios.

Plumbing and fire equipment systems

  • Domestic hot water distributions in the building,​

  • Preparation and distribution of domestic hot water in the building,

  • Collecting waste water in the building and making connections up to the manhole in front of the door,

  • Making water storage and hydrophore calculations and drawings,

  • Making calculations and drawings of water and tube fire extinguishing systems, Cabinet-hose extinguishing systems,​ Sprinkler extinguishing systems, Tube extinguishing systems. Hydrant layout and systems.

Services provided at the tender stage

  • Preparation of the comparison tables of the bids received for the selection of the contractor.

  • Assisting the investor with selection.​

Services provided during the manufacturing phase

  • Providing the implementation of mechanical installation projects,​

  • Inspection of the quality and capacity of the materials and devices to be used in accordance with the projects, valid specifications and relevant standards,

  • Necessary tests are carried out while the systems are put into operation.

  • To provide consultancy services for mechanical systems to the investor when necessary.

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